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Honda presents the Civic Si Prototype in Los Angeles, a version that advances the lines of the production model of the same name that, if everything goes according to plan, should be on the market in about a year. From this prototype Honda released some images, but not much data. It should equip a 1.5-liter engine, but its specifications such as power, torque, acceleration, maximum speed, etc. are not yet known. They are said to be on sale with a six-speed manual transmission, which will also feature active dampers, active steering and a limited slip differential. Inside the Honda features new sports seats with red stitching and a ‘Si’ logo sewn in the same color. The dashboard and rugs that contrast with the aluminum pedals are also red. The Honda Civic Si Prototype features a high-performance aerodynamic kit, but much more contained than other branded shows. Reveals a large rear aerofoil, in addition to front and rear splitters. All this should be included in the production version that will be ready in about a year. The only thing that can stand out are the high-yielding tires fitted on the 10-spoke aluminum wheels.  Nothing is known about prices, but speculation indicates that it will hit the market at around $ 30,000.


The Honda Clarity Fuel Cell is one of the novelties that the Japanese brand will present at the Tokyo Motor Show. This is a new production vehicle that when it reaches the market will compete directly with the Toyota Mirai.
The Honda Clarity Fuel Cell is powered by a fuel cell with a power output of over 100 kW – 134 hp. The main feature is related to its fuel cell which is about 33% lower compared to the previous generation, to the point that its size is comparable to Honda’s V6 engine. This allowed the system to be placed under the hood. This solution allowed playing with the spaces to achieve an excellent occupation, with an interior allowing to correctly accommodate up to five occupants. The electric motor has a maximum power of 130 kW (174 hp), achieving at the same time an autonomy that exceeds 700 km, significantly higher than its most direct competitor, since the Toyota Mirai reaches the 500 km of autonomy. The fuel cell has a high-capacity hydrogen storage tank, which can be refueled in about three minutes, about the same time as it takes to fill the tank of a conventional vehicle. Its production in a first stage will begin with a modest volume, since its commercialization in Japan in principle will be through the leasing system. Honda Clarity is expected to hit the Japanese market in March 2016 and during the first year of marketing the Japanese brand will supply government agencies and corporate customers. Sales to individual customers will begin after that first period in which Honda will take the guesswork out of the users. Immediately after this period, it will expand its production volume to meet the demand of local customers and in a later stage reach Europe and the United States. Its price in Japan was set at 7,660,000 yen, or about 250,000 reais at the current exchange rate.

2016 – HONDA CR-Z

Honda unveiled the official images of the revamped CR-Z that will go on sale in Japan starting in October. The facelift, which will be presented to the public at the Tokyo Motor Show in October, features a new front bumper, an upgraded grille and LED headlamps. Also highlighted for the new side skirts, new rear bumper and 16 and 17 inch wheels also updated. Inside, the modifications are smaller. The CR-Z features an ignition button, electronic parking brake and an upgraded sound system. According to Honda, the hybrid also had a set of steering adjustments that influence its behavior. Contributing to this are the wider profile tires, upgraded brakes and new suspension adjustment, with new springs and shock absorbers. The new CR-Z generation is scheduled for 2017.


In Europe the Honda CR-Z was no longer marketed in October 2013 due to its poor commercial performance. In some markets such as the United States and Japan, the model is still marketed, but will cease production by the end of this year 2016. In Japan the Honda CR-Z Final Label will be the special farewell edition, which will put an end to the adventure of this entertaining coupe, which began its journey in 2010. The 17-inch bicolour wheels as well as the metallic blue of its body will be the main aesthetic features that will differentiate the Honda CR-Z Final Label, although its body could also be in pearly white and yellow colors. In the interior the changes are also few, limited to a plate with the inscription ‘Final Label’, as well as leather and Alcantara seats with the same inscription stamped on the backrests. This special edition is already on sale in Japan for a price of 1,800,000 yen, about 58,000 reais at the current exchange rate. Mechanically there are no differences in relation to the model that was being commercialized. The Honda CR-Z Final Label is a semi-hybrid with a 1.5-liter petrol engine that combines with an electric motor and lithium-ion batteries. It is not able to run in 100% electric mode and the function of the electric motor is to watch the combustion, helping to lower consumption. In total there are 137 hp that are sent to the front wheels through a six-speed manual transmission or a CVT automatic.


The Honda CR-Z never managed to be that product that Honda dreamed of, since its sales never managed to follow even the most pessimistic forecasts, so much so that last month only 2,205 cars were licensed in the USA. However, this did not prevent the Japanese brand from making minor adjustments in its image and equipment to the American market, with the intention of trying to put it in a position to fight in the market. The American Honda CR-Z obtained the same modifications as the Japanese edition. The changes are subtle, modifying both bumpers, a new grille, as well as new 17-inch alloy wheels with a five-spoke shape. The interior gained new brushed aluminum fixtures in several parts, while incorporating a new electric parking brake, provided a new design of the center console with a new storage space. It has also received better equipment, which includes a keyless access and button-down system, a refreshed 7-inch touch-screen infotainment system, integrated navigation, and the LaneWatch system that displays through a camera the external view of the passenger side of the multimedia system screen. It also has a series of optional accessories, including front bumper, rear diffuser, A / B pillars and fuel cap, as well as LED lights for the fog lights. In mechanical terms does not offer any novelty, since it maintains the same 1.5-liter engine producing 130 horsepower combined with an electric motor. The propulsion system can be associated with both a 6-speed manual transmission and a CVT-type automatic transmission. Its arrival in the US market is expected this week, with a price starting at $ 20,295, which goes up to $ 25,090 for its most equipped version.

2016 – HONDA JAZZ     

– Honda unveiled the images of the production version of the new Jazz (Twin brother of Fit), model that practically did not change in relation to the prototype that had been presented / displayed in the Paris Salon last year.
– The new Jazz, which in Asian and American markets has been sold since last year, now to Europe with the promise of more space on board, more efficient engines and new safety equipment.

– Will be shown in Geneva

The third generation of Jazz promotes an aesthetic evolution in relation to the current model, maintaining the mini-monovolume format that allows higher quotas of habitability. Likewise, using the new platform for B-segment models (shared with the new HR-V), Jazz again has the “magic seats” system that allows greater versatility in the interior. The Honda Jazz is 95 mm longer and has an extended wheelbase of 30 mm. The trunk space has also grown, now offering 354 liters with the seats in the normal position, or 884 liters with the folding of the rear seats. Also in the interior, Honda promises soft materials of great quality and sophisticated design, which highlights the 7-inch touchscreen, with which is controlled new Honda Connect infotainment system. The latter allows Internet browsing and access to news and applications in real time. Integration with smartphones is another feature of this system, repeating on the screen everything that goes on the mobile device. The new Jazz will hit the market with a new 1.3-liter engine from the Earth Dreams Technology series, 102 hp at 6,000 rpm. The engine will be associated with a six-speed manual transmission (replacing the previous one with five) or optionally with a semiautomatic CVT transmission. Being lighter and stiffer, the new Jazz will also benefit from new suspension schemes (including new shock absorbers and new MacPherson strut geometry at the front) with the aim of providing greater agility and a successful compromise between comfort and dynamics. The steering has electric assistance. Another goal of these behavioral improvements was to reduce the level of noise and vibration transmitted to the interior. Highlighted will also be the security systems, with Jazz receiving a new set of technologies. The emergency braking system in the city will be standard on all versions, but the options include Intelligent Speed ​​Asisst, Frontal Collision Alert, Lane Release Alert, Traffic Signal Recognition and the High Lights.

2016 – HONDA NSX

– A production model of the Honda NSX was shown in Geneva and for the first time in Europe, 25 years after the original NSX shaken the supercar segment. Recalling that the model was presented earlier this year in Detroit under the Acura brand. “2015 will be a special year for Honda and it starts now,” said Ted Kalaus, NSX’s global development leader, at the Geneva Motor Show. Powered by an innovative hybrid propeller that features a direct injected bi-turbo V6 combustion engine coupled with two electric motors. The power has not been confirmed, but according to Kalaus, will exceed 550 hp. Although Honda did not confirm the information and say it is still studying the feasibility of the car in Brazil, the executive confirmed the car’s arrival in the country. “We want to develop a special yellow for Brazil,” Kalaus said in Geneva. According to Kalaus, the strength of the model is drivability. “The most important thing is not the power, it’s the way the car responds to the pilot’s commands.” There will be four modes of steering: Quiet, Sport, Sport Plus and Track, being the last one to deliver total performance. The new NSX was created to deliver a new sports experience (New Sports eXperience) focused on a “Master Precision Performance” to be the ultimate representation of Honda’s prestige and performance. The development of the Honda NSX 2015 started from a blank sheet of paper and consumed approximately three years of intense dedication from engineering and global design teams led by engineers at Honda’s development center in Raymond, Ohio. The first markets to receive NSX will be the United Kingdom and the United States, which will receive the model in August this year for $ 150,000. The pre-sale to these locations has already begun.

Compare Breakdown Cover before Cancelling Your Policy

While energy and water bills must be paid and food and fuel must be bought, it is services that do not have an immediate return that are being cut back on first. This means that many people are neglecting to renew things like their breakdown cover in order to have a little more money available. Compare breakdown cover policies before you do anything. Some companies offer cover for as little as £13 per month. Without any form of cover, if you do suffer a mechanical failure, an electrical issue or a flat tire that you cannot fix yourself, the cost of having your vehicle recovered and repaired come easily run into multiple hundreds of pounds, negating any saving you were making by not being covered in the first place. Having some form of breakdown cover in place means that if you do breakdown when you are on a journey, all you need to do is make a phone call to the company that covers you and you have the peace of mind that an operative is on the way to help, meaning you should be on your way again in no time. If your vehicle cannot be fixed, most policies will enable you to have it transported to a local garage, your intended destination or back home for no additional cost. Without cover, you will have to arrange all that by yourself, from the side of the road.

Breakdown insurance comparison sites feature useful guides and customer reviews, as well as enabling you to compare cover prices. If you are on a tight budget, you may be surprised at how cheap some packages are. If you use your car or motorcycle to make your living, a comprehensive cover policy should be a high priority, as the longer your transport is out of action, the less money you can earn. If you have young children, a policy should also be top of your list.

If you breakdown with a baby or toddler in your car, breakdown recovery teams will make getting to your vehicle their number one job and Endeavor to be with you as soon as feasibly possible. If you are lucky, you will not need to call out a recovery vehicle or any roadside assistance at all but do you really want to risk embarking on a long journey without knowing that should the worst happen, help is only a phone call away? With even the most basic cover, you will be able to drive any distance with the peace of mind that if you car’s engine does cut out or your electrics fail, you won’t be left calling around local firms looking for recovery yourself. Is that saving really worth it?

It is also a great idea to remember the interior of your vehicle because doing so will certainly add to the value of the car. For instance, be certain you get the proper fitting floor mats to protect the interior floor of your car. Floor mats are very inexpensive and come in an array of colors to match precisely with the interior color of your car. This will keep your car looking and feeling new as well as keeping the value of your car substantially higher.

Additionally, you will want to be certain you have seat covers if you wish to insure that your seats will not be ridden with dirt each and every time you get in and out of the exterior car cover. There are various types of seat covers that are available in all types of colors when you simply take the time to find the one best suited to meet your needs. The seat cover can go a very long way in allowing your new or older car to look its best for a very long period of time. All of these accessories will go the distance to allow your car to be well maintained and to not only drive the best but also to look its best. We all realize how expensive cars can be, from the initial cost to the monthly insurance premiums so it is crucial for our wallets to do all we can to keep the car as well maintained as possible and these few accessories will go a long way to making this happen.

Easy Steps in Wrapping Your Car

A vehicle says a lot about the personality of its owner. A person can express himself through his personal belongings and typically the biggest property that a person has other than his house is his automobile. If you are a car owner yourself, you can customize its interior with stereos, seat covers and colored lights. You can also make your vehicle’s exterior more noticeable with custom wheels and exhaust.

However, most people stop short when it comes to a new paint job mostly because of its cost. The good new is there is now an alternative to those expensive paint jobs which is more affordable and appealing. Car wraps or custom car stickers are graphic designs which provide a unique look to any car. With it, you can customize your vehicle to fit your taste and style and make it stand out from the thousand of cars on the road. Furthermore, car wraps can also be used as an effective advertising tool for almost any company type or business. You can transform your car into the ultimate mobile advertising machine, using it to reach more potential clients wherever you go. If you want to wrap your car with vehicle stickers, follow these easy steps. Prepare the car. Make a mixture of rubbing alcohol and water. Put the mixture on a clean cloth and wipe the surface area of the car where you are applying the wrap. The rubbing alcohol can also be used to remove any grease on the car’s surface.

Be aware that you should only apply the wrap on a stable and clean car surface. A car with poor paint condition can be completely pulled off once the sticker is removed. By doing this, your car wrap installation project can be much more professional than just covering them. Emblem removal tools vary based on the different types of emblems attached into different car surfaces. For smaller emblems, a similar but much smaller tool can be used. Measure the part of your car you want to cover. If you are covering the entire car, make sure that the wrap is big enough for it. The car wrap will come in sections which should be marked for placement such as left door, right front fender, bumper etc.

Apply the wrap. Remove the backing of the wrap and start installing at the rear of the vehicle going forward. Use a squeegee to smooth out air bubbles. The back of the vehicle, roof and the hood should be done last. Vinyl wraps can be stretched into place. However, make sure not pull it too much and damage or distort the pattern. Use a pin to pop stubborn bubbles and squeegee it out until smooth. For radical transitions, tight bends or rounded surfaces, a heat gun can ease the installation by warming the vinyl at certain levels. Remember not to stretch the vinyl while it’s hot. Let it cool and use a tape primer.  Trim the excess wrapping. You can use a razor knife to do this but be careful not to cut the vehicle’s paint. Once you’re done wrapping your car with vehicle graphics stickers, give it a test drive and see how it feels to drive a seemingly new car any time you want.

Accessories Your Car

Some of the ways we can accessories our cars are listed below:

Eye Catching Mag Wheels

There are a wonderful array of sizes and styles available; you can even choose a different color from the standard chrome.

Personalized Car License Plate Frame

A personalized plate can definitely add a bit of your personality to your car, however you are limited to just the six characters to try and convey your message. With a car license plate frame you have a lot more scope to add your favorite saying, a website address, or any other message you want to share. A car license plate frame is also a great marketing opportunity for your business as well as being a low cost way of personalizing your car.

Stylish Sign writing

Having your car sign written is usually reserved for businesses however there’s no reason why you couldn’t have this done just to show off your personality. Flames have always been a favorite, however these days you can have just about anything you heart desires. The upside of sign writing is that it’s a bold statement; however the downside is it can be quite a costly exercise and is not transferable if you buy another car.

Car Accident Lawsuit Funding for Personal Injury Victims

These accidents can range anywhere from a simple fender bender, to life threatening accidents; some even cause death. Common locations of bodily injury include: back head, neck, arms, and legs. Any injury can result in numerous trips to the hospital during the recovery process. In many cases, auto accidents require individuals to take time off of work to heal injuries, while also incurring stress of increasing medical bills and other financial burdens. If you have a family or are living on your own, an auto accident can have a strong negative impact, which is felt immediately if you do not have the financial resources to cover it. If you are having trouble covering expenses due to an auto accident, then consider car accident lawsuit funding to aid you.

What is Car Accident Lawsuit Funding?

Car accident lawsuit funding is per settlement cash given to an individual that is involved in an auto accident. A per settlement “loan” is a term used by some in the lawsuit funding industry to describe a funding transaction.

The amount of funding received depends on the severity of the car accident. The funding can provide you with cash now to cover expenses and relieve stress. Funds provided in this manner to car accident victims are not actually “loans” at all; they are cash advances provided to car accident victims, contingent upon the outcome of their lawsuit. If you lose the case, you don’t pay the money back!

How can Car Accident Lawsuit Funding be Helpful?

In the instance of a car accident, visits to the hospital are likely and time off of work is often needed. For many people the increasing medical bills coupled with the inability to work is debilitating, both physically and financially. Depending on the situation, auto accident lawsuits can last for an extended period of time sometimes, forever. After hiring a lawyer and filing a lawsuit, bills and other expenses will begin to mount causing unneeded stress on an individual already suffering from an auto related injury.

The funding relieves the burden experienced by the victims of a car accident by providing lawsuit cash advances to cover expenses that they incur while waiting for their case to resolve. This allows for the individual to let the auto accident injury litigation play itself out, and receive the full compensation they deserve. Auto accident lawsuit funding covers many different situations where a person is injured or a car is damaged.

Some of these include:


Hit and runs

Drunk driving

Driver negligence

Distracted driving

Police chases

Eligibility for Car Accident Lawsuit Funding

In order to find out if you’re eligible for car accident lawsuit funding, an application must be filled out. In order to apply, it is necessary to be a plaintiff in an auto injury lawsuit. It is also necessary to hire an attorney that can communicate with the third party that will be providing the lawsuit funding. Finally, it is necessary to be pursuing a lawsuit at the time of applying for funding so that it can serve its intended purpose.


Settlements provides personal injury lawsuit funding to those who need it, when they need it.

Dispelling USA Car Hire Myths

I have worked in the car rental business specializing in the USA for the past 14 years and along the way I have picked up some extremely useful tips when it comes to hiring a car for the first time. In this series I will do my best to dispel a couple of the more common myths and stigma’s associated with car hire USA.

The first issue I will tackle may be familiar to the regular visitors to the USA

Q: I will get sued if I don’t have enough insurance!

A: This is a pretty old question that has been around for as long as I can remember. I have spoken to many customers who have quoted a story from a friend of a friend who knew someone that got sued and lost their house because they didn’t have enough insurance.

This question perpetuates because of the ‘perceived suing culture’ in America. I wouldn’t say its any worse than in the UK but its always wise to ensure you are adequately covered in the event that you are involved in an accident. While it’s never advisable to drive a vehicle without insurance, our policies come with everything you will need to ensure you are covered for all eventualities. Here is a quick run down of what we include and also what the blurb actually means;

Unlimited Mileage. There are no additional charges incurred for the amount of miles you drive. Mileage is not charged on a per mile basis. Uninsured Motorist Protection (UMP) up to one million Dollars liability cover, Uninsured/Under insured/Hit-and-Run Motorist Protection (UMP) that provides the renter and family members travelling together in the rented vehicle with up to $1,000,000 of non-stacked coverage for bodily injury sustained while driving the rental car, and caused by another driver who has no insurance, minimal insurance, or is a hit-and-run driver.

Supplemental Liability Insurance (SKI) up to one million Dollars liability cover. Basic Roadside Assistance. In the event of mechanical difficulties there is an emergency number for you to call on the rental agreement you collect from the supplier. All Taxes and Airport Fees. You will not be charged any additional taxes or fee’s because your insurances have been per-paid.